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In the heart of Lower Bavaria there is Bogen, the home town of the Bavarian diamond pattern. From here there are only a few kilometres to the district town Straubing.

If you are looking for tranquillity and recreation or want to get to know the culture of the Bavarian Forest, then Brandlberg is the ideal vacation resort for you. But also if you want to be active, you have come to the right place. Best is you combine both recreation and activity to be able to recover in an optimal way from everyday stress.

No matter if you are making an extended hike to the natural park Bavarian Forest and the tops of the mountains Arber und Lusen or only a little walk to the closer surroundings of the guesthouse you will always find a cultural treasure or a place of interest. For example the Bogenberg whose pilgrimage church is known for the yearly procession with a candle of 13 metres height. From the hill you also have an excellent view all over the region and even into the Gaeuboden.

Apart from the various hiking routes the Bavarian Forest also offers cultural sights like the world famous glass factories, the open-air museum in Finsterau or the well-known places Zwiesel and Bodenmais with the silver mine.

The various historical open-air shows are known in excess of the borders of Lower Bavaria. You will closely experience a part of the Bavarian history whether you watch the Drachenstich (i.e. stabbing the Dragon) in Furth im Wald, the Trenck Festival in Waldmuenchen, the ride at Whitsuntide in Koetzting or the Agnes-Bernauer-Festival in Straubing.

Rather calm are the boating trips on the Danube which make a day trip possible either to Passau or Linz (Austria) or also to Kelheim with the Donaudurchbruch, the Hall of Liberation and the Valhall. Experience the last kilometres of the still unspoilt Danube with the beautiful sinuosities between Winzer and Vilshofen.

Plenty of things are also offered to our athletic tourists. Apart from many outdoor as well as indoor swimming pools and water parks you can of course make bike tours or trips on roller skates alongside the Danube as well as mountain biking and hiking in the Bavarian Forest. During winter season  the various ski pistes and almost endless cross-country ski runs are a popular holiday destination for tourists all over Germany and the close-by countries.

 The nearby district town Straubing is mainly known because of its Gaeubodenfest with Ostbayern exhibition, which is the second largest fair in Bavaria after the Oktoberfest. Besides there are several shopping opportunities and chances to stay in one of the coffee bars in the spacious pedestrian area. Also culture and museum lovers will be satisfied in Straubing. The Gaeuboden museum with the Roman treasure and the church St. Peter with its Dead frescoes are not only at bad weather a worthwhile alternative to visit.





This huge quarry pond is because of its nice water temperature of up to 27 degrees a lucky strike for bathing lovers. The Friedenhain lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Bavaria. You will find many shady trees on the sunbathing area which is always clean and neat. A part of the bathing area is provided with a sandy beach. Sliding fun is guaranteed through the water slide which is furnished with three waves. The slide is totally safe and can be used by kids from the age of 6 and older and also by adults. The great water-ski ropeway is in use daily from March till September. Of course there are also parking lots, a restaurant as well as a camping ground.

 Young families will find here a vacation resort where their kids can play to the heart's content and enjoy life. The biggest Eastern Bavarian zoo in Straubing or the summer toboggan runs in Gruen (St. Egidi), Bodenmais and Bischofsmais near the Gaiskopf are a popular destination for families.

Worthwhile a trip to every daytime is the national park where lynxes, wolves, bears and other original inhabitants of the forest can be found.

This is only a small selection from the wide offer which expects you in Bogen and the close surroundings. Of course we like to give you more detailed information or recommendation for trips either by phone or while you are staying with us.